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Do you offer payment plans?

Our payment plans are structured around how much a project cost. The reason for this is because project costs fall directly in line with how long a project will take, how detailed the design is and how complicated the software can be. A baseline pricing structure to go off of is if your project is $500 or under, full payment is due at time of booking. Projects $500 and up are split into 2 payments. The first due at the time of booking and the second due after your design is approved but before we release the files to you.

When can we get started?

We normally are booked in advance at least a week or so. Just contact us to get the exact timeline. There are a ton and things we need to do before we begin the actual design though, for example, client “homework”, so don’t hesitate to pop us an email to get started.  

What do you need to get started?

To get started we will send you three things to take care of and send back to us.

  1. The first payment. We will send you logins to our payments area for you to sign in and view your invoice. Once paid, you can download a pdf paid invoice for your tax records.
  2. For larger custom projects, like website artwork, logos or illustration, we require a contract. If required, we will send you the contract to read, sign and send back. Please feel free to ask for a sample contract to review before you book with us.
  3. We will send you your first round of forms to fill out. We call this “homework”. These will consist of questions about your likes and dislikes, your ideas and several other questions we need to begin your project.

How long will it take to finish?

Honestly? I don’t know. Now, now, don’t smack me just yet. Time depends greatly on several things. How detailed is your project? How fast can you get us content we need? How many revisions you ask for. We can not give a definitive answer to this question, but as a rule you should at least give your self 1-2 weeks for smaller projects like logo branding and print projects.

It can take anywhere from 2-6 weeks for full blown website artwork, maybe even longer for large scale projects that require more pages. Don’t be fooled, though, there is much to do during the entire process. Once you start a project you will hear from us every few days if not everyday, (by the last week you will be sick of our updates and question emails, we promise) so you will be full aware of progress and timelines.  

I have a deadline I’d like to meet, Is this possible?

Don’t kill us but the only answer I can give to this question is errrrrrr… maybe? If you need a logo in a week or two then yes, we can probably do that. If you need full blown shop or blog artwork in a week then we probably can’t make that happen. We can usually meet on or around a realistic deadline, but keep in mind we can not guarantee specific final dates as so many factors change the production timeline through out the project.

If you have a specific date you need to meet, just contact us and we can discuss your needs. We can’t do magic, we leave that to Mr. Potter and his golden trio, but give us a shout and we can see what we can do on the muggle side of things. 😉  

If I already have a logo can I get a discount on site artwork?

Hells yeah! If you already have branding and you don’t need any design work done on that aspect then this will discount your package $250 smackers.  

I already have a design, can you implement it with your cart systems?

Sorry, but we no longer offer coding and installation of cart software. We only provide artwork for DIYers or for you to give to your professional coder.  

Can you design our site and we take it to our own programmer?

Yes! In fact, this is what we do! The cost for this starts @ $1100 depending on the complexity of your project.  

Can we do everything by phone instead of through email?

We are always willing to have a creative phone session with clients. We fully understand your need to discuss the details of your project in real time and for you to get to know us. Please keep in mind, though, that any change request made for mock-ups or any specific needs must be addressed through email or our Basecamp system.

The reason for this is simply because with email and Basecamp we have a written version to refer back to while we work. We have the memory of gnats so this helps us keep on time and on track for projects. It also keeps us from having to ask you repetitive questions, which WILL annoy you we guarantee! 😉  

What do I need to get started?

Mainly your content is needed to begin work on your project. Content includes things like wording and photos. For example, product information if you’re a shop client. Don’t worry, we will help you figure all this out, we don’t leave you in the cold to fend for yourself! We have documents to help you round up everything you will need.  

What will my monthly cost be?

For Wicked Cool Studios, zilch. There are third-party cost to keep in mind though, like hosting, credit card merchants and the like.  

Do you do flash video or artwork?

We are happy to provide any artwork you will need for videos, but we do not create them ourselves.   

Ok I’m sold, when can I start advertising and rolling out press releases?

Trust us when we say you will not want to book any advertising or press releases until your shop, book or project is ready to go public. It’s impossible to know when you will be live for sure so it’s best to wait. That being said, grab yourself the app and go to town saving websites and ideas for advertising so it’s there when your ready!  

Who owns the rights to the design?

Once final payment is made, you will 100% own the rights to your design with the exception of any stock imagery used and purchased from stock sites. For example, for book cover design, stock photos are used unless you have had a photo shoot. We can not give you exclusive rights for those images as they are made for sale to the public through stock sites and the like.   

Mind explosion? Still have some questions?

Don’t hesitate to ask questions on anything you’re not sure about. Just contact us!  

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This site is going to be [insert f-bomb here] awesome! I can't stop looking at it! :)

Brian & Edie - Crazy Rumors


Brian & Edie - Crazy Rumors

This site is going to be [insert f-bomb here] awesome! I can't stop looking at it! :)
Businesses like this deserve every ounce of credit and success they’ve earned.

Rob & Sarah - Bit of Whimsy Dolls


Rob & Sarah - Bit of Whimsy Dolls

Businesses like this deserve every ounce of credit and success they’ve earned.
Absolutely perfect! We really have appreciated working with you and love all the work you have done. Thank you so...

Tiffini x Eric - Tartx


Tiffini x Eric - Tartx

Absolutely perfect! We really have appreciated working with you and love all the work you have done. Thank you so much!